Sweetheart deals for mayor’s mistress

Tamika Riley, a woman with a flair for fashion and an appetite for finery, appeared to be flat broke. Her Newark clothing boutique had gone belly up. She needed public assistance to help pay the rent on her apartment. She wanted a Mercedes, but her credit was so bad a friend had to sign the lease for her. Then, in the late 1990s, she met Newark Mayor Sharpe James, and her fortunes turned. … More Sweetheart deals for mayor’s mistress

Streetwalker killings are a daunting case in A.C.

On the streets of Atlantic City, everyone’s got a suspect. Prostitutes speak of creepy, threatening johns. Employees of a run-down motel talk about the Scripture-quoting guest who kept a collection of women’s shoes in his room. One woman, now jailed, points to a “white guy with a lot of money” who hosted a crack-fueled, motel-hopping sex party. … More Streetwalker killings are a daunting case in A.C.

The man who toppled a governor

The seeds for Gov. James E. McGreevey’s stunning announcement yesterday that he is gay and that he will resign in November were planted four years ago at an elegant political reception in Israel. It was at a performing arts center in Rishon Lezion, a middle-class enclave outside Tel Aviv, that McGreevey was introduced to Golan Cipel, a spokesman for the local mayor and a former information officer for the Israeli consulate in New York. … More The man who toppled a governor

N.J. soldiers bear scars of an ambush

LANDSTUHL, Germany — The story is told in the sterile white bandage across Spc. Gregory Brown’s throat, in Cpl. Timothy Brosnan’s broken legs, in the ball bearing that lodged in Sgt. Carl Oliver’s right hand, rendering two of his fingers useless. It is the story of a wartime promise that could not be kept, of men dying as they sought to save others and of a shadowy enemy who rises from the brush along the roadside, fires a rocket-propelled grenade and melts into the landscape. For members of New Jersey’s Army National Guard, it is the story of one day in Iraq, as told by three scarred survivors evacuated from Baghdad to a U.S. military hospital, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, in Germany’s rural southwest corner. … More N.J. soldiers bear scars of an ambush