‘This was a killer’: The Seaside Boardwalk Fire

Daylight revealed the panorama of devastation. The fire that roared through Seaside Park and Seaside Heights Thursday consumed restaurants and bars, clothing shops and arcades, candy stores and shacks sporting games of chance. Metal girders buckled. Walls caved in. T-shirts, boogie boards and boardwalk prizes — the stuff of a Jersey Shore summer — turned to ash. … More ‘This was a killer’: The Seaside Boardwalk Fire

Dodging a monster

It is less than 90 miles from New Jersey’s largest city to Hamden, Conn. On a satellite image, it is a hair’s breadth. But that meager distance spelled all the difference between a picturesque winter snowfall — a nuisance, perhaps, to some — and a historic blow that brought paralysis, widespread power outages and death … More Dodging a monster

A long journey ahead

As New Jersey inches toward the massive task of rebuilding in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Gov. Chris Christie offered a message of hope and hardship today, saying that while most residents can expect a return to normalcy by Monday, it could be years before shattered coastal communities are fully restored. Speaking in Seaside Park, … More A long journey ahead

A vote like no other

Some people will vote in National Guard trucks. Others will write on paper ballots in buildings powered by gas-fed generators. An unprecedented number will pick candidates by email or fax. As it slowly recovers from Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey today faces a major test: maintaining the integrity of a presidential election in a storm-ravaged state. … More A vote like no other

In Sandy’s wake, a new crisis: No gas

Gas lines stretched more than a mile in Somerville. Fights broke out at service stations in Elizabeth. Black marketeers and opportunists began to circle, reselling fuel at steep markups. Hurricane Sandy, which brought unprecedented destruction to New Jersey, has now brought something else: the most dire gasoline crisis since the 1970s. … More In Sandy’s wake, a new crisis: No gas

A surreal scene of damage hits barrier islands

Lyman Street doesn’t exist anymore. Hurricane Sandy wiped it off the map. Where the Mantoloking street once stood, a river rushes from ocean to bay. Few houses escaped without catastrophic damage. One simply disappeared, forced off its foundation by the unimaginable power of the sea and deposited in the bay a quarter mile away. … More A surreal scene of damage hits barrier islands


Calamitous. Incalculable. Unthinkable. New Jersey officials and residents have run out of words to describe the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy, a behemoth of a storm that more than lived up to its hype. Up and down the coast, the ocean roared ashore, dislodging homes from their foundations, ripping away piers and swallowing entire neighborhoods. … More HISTORIC DEVASTATION