A fundamentalist ripple through Iraq

BAGHDAD — Sheik Sayed Hassan Al-Naji stood before a crowd of 25,000 Shi’a faithful outside a prominent mosque here Friday, presiding over a prayer service that quickly took on the flavor of a political harangue. Shouting into a microphone, the black-shrouded cleric branded U.S. leaders “liars.” He insisted American soldiers encouraged looting after the fall … More A fundamentalist ripple through Iraq

Crater compels Iraqis to visit and to reflect

BAGHDAD — Rahim Muhammed stood alone at the edge of a 40-foot pit, hands clasped behind his back, in silent contemplation. He looked down on broken concrete blocks, a twisted bed frame, the shattered remains of a television and unidentifiable bits and scraps of human habitation. Fixing his eyes on a child’s blackened doll, Muhammed … More Crater compels Iraqis to visit and to reflect